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Spotify Wants You to Create Playlists on Facebook Messenger

Florian Gaertner/Photothek via Getty Images

Two months after Spotify added a bot inside Facebook's wildly popular Messenger app, helping users search and share songs, the music streaming service is making it easy for friends to collaborate on new playlists, all while chatting. Simply dubbed Group Playlists for Messenger, the feature is a companion to the existing collaborative playlists within Spotify itself.

To create a playlist inside Messenger, you first need to select the Spotify Messenger extension while chatting with a group. If you're a Spotify user, you can be the one to hit "Create" and give the playlist a name. From there, you send the playlist to the group chat, where your pals are prompted to click and add songs. Non-Spotify members can join in on the collaboration -- they'll just have to make do with hearing previews of the songs rather than full tracks.

Spotify told Techcrunch that "millions of songs" have been shared through the Messenger bot since launch. Now with the added ability to collaborate and share multiple-tracked playlists in a single chat session, that number is likely to shoot up fast.