Peter Dinklage Stars (And Sings!) In Estrella Damm Beer Short Film: Watch

Courtesy of Estrella Damm
Peter Dinklage in an ad for Estrella Damm.

The theme music for the 16-minute short film for the Barcelona brand is Aron Chupa’s version of Sam Cooke’s “(Don’t Fight It) Feel It.”

Peter Dinklage stars -- and sings -- in a new promotional short film for Estrella Damm beer’s summer campaign. The theme music for the 16-minute spot for the Barcelona beverage brand is AronChupa’s version of Sam Cooke’s “(Don’t Fight It) Feel It”; Dinklage suavely performs a lounge-y version of the song in the video.

Clad in a leather jacket and aviator shades, the Game of Thrones actor zestfully plays the role of retro TV detective Chad Johnson. In an endearingly unoriginal plot line, he serves as a spirit guide to the confused Anton, played by Spanish actor Raul Arevelo, whom he joins on a journey from Sitges, a city on the Mediterranean coast outside Barcelona, to Amsterdam and back again. The 16-minute clip sets up Dinklage’s delivery of the brand’s carpe diem message: “You have a wonderful life. Dare to live it.”

The short, titled “La Vida Nuestra,” was directed by Raul Arevalo, a Spanish actor who won a 2016 Goya Award for his directorial debut Tarde Para la Ira (titled The Fury of a Patient Man in English).

Watch the original bilingual version of the clip  and the Spanish version, in which Dinklage’s voice is dubbed in Castillian, below: