Midemlab Winner Soundcharts: Data From All Digital Platforms In a Single Dashboard

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Courtesy of David Weiszfeld
David Weiszfeld

Having artist data from every social media site, streaming platform and digital store in a single dashboard, in real time is a practical, useful solution to a real need.

 Soundcharts does that, for an affordable monthly fee http://www.soundcharts.com. The at-your-finger-tips convenience, plus need and functionality, made it one of the four winning star-ups at this year’s Midemlab pitching competition, in addition to being voted the people’s choice winner in a twitter poll by conference attendees on Wednesday (June 7).

Billboard spoke with co founder/CEO David Weiszfeld, who runs the company with his Chief Technological Officer and co-founder, heading a team of 12 engineers and three business developers. 

What it does: 

“We track all of the data we can get on all of the artist we an get – anyone who has ever released commercially -- and we make it available. We’re like a financial dashboard for music.  We track worldwide data and are purely digital.”

Why we like it:

Instead of going individually to Spotify, or Mediabase or Itunes, you go to one place for all your information. “If you’re an A&R you can use us to look for new talent or you can use us to track your campaign.” 

Past life:

“I started at 19 years old in Universal France doing A&R for their jazz department, but spent most of my ten years there doing international marketing. For the past two years I’ve had two lives: One was building Soundcharts, one was an independent manager. And I built Soundcharts because I realized that as a manager you even have less access [to data] than as a Universal employee. We were dedicated to building a tool that really helps people in the music business. 

Business Model:

Subscription. “We have three pricing tiers: One for a manager or artist of one Euro per day; a mid size for up to 10 artists, of 149 Euros per month; and a business subscription, which costs 299 Euros a month and up. 


More than 200 companies with over 300 people. These include major and indie labels (including Universal Music France). 


Since launching last September, “We’re not profitable yet because we’re hiring a lot of people. But we’ve generate over $300,000 in revenue since our launch. And because we’re solving a real problem, we have a 98% retention rate. We change the way people work and we save people time and money.” 


“We want to be the workflow platform for the industry. We’re fully independent and we want be a worldwide actor: Whether you’re French, Belgian or Brazilian, you should be able to use the same platform.” 

Midem’s pitching competition for music-related startups -- whose alumni famously includes Soundcloud -- celebrated its 10th edition this year, selected winners from among 20 finalists in four categories. The competition received a total of 136 submissions representing 32 countries.