Perry Serpa Joins Tell All Your Friends PR as Principle: Exclusive

Melissa Corales
Perry Serpa

'Certainly TAYF PR is the most covfefe of all publicity companies,' the veteran publicist stated.

Perry Serpa, a longtime music P.R. veteran, has joined Tell All Your Friends PR as a principle, according to the publicity and management firm founded in 2006 by Kip Kouri.

"I have admired Perry for many years now and we have been friends for ages," said Kouri, in a statement. "Tell All Your Friends has always been committed to the same ethos that Perry has followed over the decades, and we're thrilled to partner with him."

Serpa began his career in P.R. as junior publicist in the late eighties at Relativity Records where he worked a wide array of artists ranging from guitar heroes (Joe Satriana and Steve Vai) and thrash metal heads (Combat Records' Forbidden and Dark Angel) to punk rock (Agnostic Front, Bad Brains and 24/7 Spyz) industrial (Godflesh) and, of course, grindcore (Napalm Death).

In the early-90s, Serpa was one of the first publicists hired by power indie P.R. agency, Nasty Little Man founded by Agnostic Front's Steve Martin. Here he ran press campaigns for such artists as David Byrne, Sonic Youth, Sean Lennon, and the Tibetan Freedom Concert along side The Beastie Boys' Adam Yauch.

In 2002 Serpa hung out his own shingle with Good Cop Public Relations where he worked with, among others, All Tomorrow's Parties, The Divine Comedy, Ron Sexsmith, Evan Dando and Sonic Youth, whom he commuted over from NLM.

Last year, Serpa re-branded as Vicious Kid PR which as of June 1 has been folded into Tell All Your Friends PR, which represents Yoko Ono, Guided By Voices, The Ravonettes and Frank Black among many other impressive artists.

As a TAYF principal, Serpa will remain the publicist for Record Store Day, Railroad Earth, Anders Parker, St. Lenox, Tom Hickox, Pauline Pisano, Tripping Daisy, and the Polyphonic Spree in addition to other clients.

"Kip and I have been discussing collusion for a long time and through unauthorized back channels that we're certain have been under heavy surveillance by the intel community who are clearly planting fake news stories," Serpa said in a statement. "Be that as it may, we're certain that our unholy union will succeed in dismantling the fabric of this Music Industry as we know it. And certainly TAYF is the most covfefe of all P.R. companies."

Serpa is also an acclaimed singer/songwriter/pianist having fronted the Sharp Things, an NYC-based symphonic pop collective for the past 18 years. He is currently finishing up an album entitled, Wherefore Art Thou: Songs Inspired By Nick Hornby's, Juliet, Naked, bringing to life the 10-track fictional album referred to in Hornby's book, due out this fall.

It's just not that often you meet a seasoned publicist who's great taste matches their talent," Kouri added, "the future is bright."