Major Lazer's Jillionaire Talks Bacardi Partnership: 'They Come From the Same Roots As Us'

Major Lazer
Alexei Hay

Major Lazer

Today (May 24), Major Lazer are revealing details on their partnership with Bacardi on the Sound of Rum initiative. The electronic dance trio is made up of Diplo, Walshy Fire and Jillionaire, with the latter named as Bacardi's official Minister of Rum. 

"I am a conscientious rum drinker, so I was very excited about this," he tells Billboard. "I come from Trinidad and we drink a lot of rum so it’s cool to work with a brand such as Bacardi -- one of the oldest liquor brands in the world. They are a Caribbean brand, they come from the same roots we come from." He cites his upbringing in Trinidad and Walshy Fire being from Jamaica.

The concept behind The Sound of Rum is to bring people together at the intersection of music and rum by essentially creating one big summer-long party. After spending time at the Bacardi distillery in Puerto Rico, the three not only tasted several different blends but also experimented to create one unique to Major Lazer inspired by the island energy of their music. "It’s pretty scientific stuff, it’s not just four Caribbean dudes in a room getting drunk," laughs Jillionaire. "We tried a bunch of different notes but [the combination] we went with represents the taste and feel of the Caribbean. We did a really good job."

The result is a limited edition Major Lazer Bacardi rum that blends light and heavy rums, aged 3-4 years, that includes notes of cedar, almond and citrus -- Diplo's Mississippi Rum Punch mix recipe will be included on the bottle.

Courtesy of Bacardi
Bacardi Major Lazer Limited Edition Rum.

As for the duties that come with being named Minister of Rum, Jillionaire says, "The biggest responsibility is to educate people on the product. I feel like rum has always had a bad rap and it’s thought of something that you drink in college, throw up and never drink again. We want to let people know it’s delicious and you can make great cocktails with it -- it’s a fun summer drink."

Bacardi Major Lazer Limited Edition Rum will be available for purchase on June 15 in the U.S.