Tidal Appoints Elliott Wilson, Tony Gervino To Newly Created Culture & Content Roles

Tony Gervino
Austin Hargrave

Tony Gervino

In its latest push to secure subscribers and exclusive content, Tidal has appointed two industry veterans, Tony Gervino and Elliott Wilson, to newly created roles.

Wilson, the journalist behind hip-hop blog Rap Radar and its accompanying podcast, and former editor-in-chief of XXL, announced today (Feb. 16) he has signed on as editorial director, culture and content, hip-hop for Tidal.

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Elliott Wilson

The 46-year old Queens native announced the news on Twitter, though didn't elaborate as to what the position entails. Since Sept. 2015, Wilson has hosted a semi-regular video series called Plug Tunin on the platform, and last November he interviewed A Tribe Called Quest for his CRWN interview series, which was also filmed and made exclusively available through Tidal, foreshadowing his involvement with the platform.

Tidal also added Gervino, former editor-in-chief of Billboard and Slam and the founding executive editor of XXL, to take on the role of vp, culture and content; Gervino made no official announcement, but confirmed his new position to Billboard. Prior to arriving at Billboard in April 2014, Gervino served as executive editor at Hearst Magazines International, and was a contributing writer for the New York Times and contributing editor at the New York Times Magazine. He also spent time at Time Inc. and as editorial director at Harris Publications, which at the time published Slam and XXL, among a slate of other titles.

Gervino interviewed Tidal founder Jay Z back in March of 2015 about his $56 million purchase of Aspiro -- the publicly traded Swedish tech company that services Tidal. In the article, which ran in Billboard, Jay explained his mission and motive behind entering into the business of streaming.