No. 87: Sarah Trahern | Power 100



CEO, Country Music Association

Last Year's Rank: 99

In planning the CMA Awards' 50th anniversary, Trahern tried to remember that "at 100, they'll pull [the 50th] from the time capsule to see what we did." In 2066, they might say it was one of the best CMAs ever, showcasing Beyoncé's social-media-slaying performance with the Dixie Chicks and retaining 93 percent of its 2015 audience -- a minor miracle against the last game of the World Series. The CMA also produced the all-star medley "Forever Country," one of only three tunes ever to debut atop the 58-year-old Hot Country Songs chart.

Business Leaders She Admires: "Brian Lamb, CSPAN founder, and Ken Lowe, who created HGTV."

2017 Power 100