Pandora Redesigns Its Web Platform, Unveils New Features

Pandora Logo
Courtesy of Pandora

The Pandora logo.

Pandora has refreshed its web platform and unveiled new features that it hopes will keep desktop users tuning in for more.

The key prongs to Pandora’s facelift are in its enhanced user interface and intuitive features. Users' navigation between past, present, and future listening have received attention, while replay and skip functions are new additions. 

Also, the music service is drilling deeper into live by sharing upcoming tour dates in Now Playing and artist pages. Here are a few of examples of Pandora's new look:


Here is the new "My Stations" page.Courtesy Pandora


Courtesy Pandora
Here is a new artist page.


The latest update comes less than a month after the Oakland-based service introduced a new logo and brand that it hopes will "enhance your Pandora experience and help bring your music to life."

Pandora has roughly 78 million monthly active users, including 4 million subscribers to its ad-free tier Pandora Plus (formerly Pandora One).