Vevo Launches GIF-Making Tool for (Most) Music Videos

Maroon 5 in the video for "Don't Wanna Know."
Courtesy Photo

Maroon 5 in the video for "Don't Wanna Know."

Many UMG videos are off limits at launch, however. (For now.)

Vevo is cutting out the middle man when it comes to making GIFs out of your favorite music videos. The video platform has announced an easy-to-use tool in its web player for making and sharing those lovable little video clips. 

The GIF-maker is available for most, but not all, of the 230,000-plus videos on the site. If you’re hoping to share a GIF of a video from most artists in the Universal Music ecosystem, then you’ll have to wait. A Vevo rep confirmed that videos from Universal Music Group, including many of the site’s top current clips, like DNCE’s “Body Moves” and Kid Cudi’s “Frequency,” are currently unavailable, but that they’re hoping to bring them into the fold soon. UMG is a co-owner of Vevo.

(That said, we were able to make this incredible GIF from a video by Maroon 5 -- who are on UMG’s Interscope Records (222 Records) -- so it doesn't appear to be a blanket blackout of all UMG-related artists.)

Again, it's easy: look below-right on a video player and you’ll see GIF button. Click it during any given moment in the video and it instantly creates a GIF around that portion. You can change the duration and scrub through the video to capture something specific, as well. There’s also an option to add a caption if you’re feeling extra creative. The feature is for the web player only.

After creating the GIF, you can then share it on Facebook or Twitter or grab the URL and send it around however you like. Clicking on the GIF itself sends you directly to the full video. What it doesn’t appear to have is an embed option, meaning news stories around this feature will have to link to the aforementioned GIF rather than put it right here.