Spotify Offers to Make Your 'Daily Mix' With New Endless Playlists

Daniel Ek, Founder and CEO of Spotify
Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for Spotify

Daniel Ek, Founder and CEO of Spotify speaks onstage at Spotify Press Announcement on May 20, 2015 in New York City.

Spotify is turning your listening habits into a new series of continuously updated playlists, called Daily Mix.

Daily Mix joins Discover Weekly and Your Release Radar in Spotify's arsenal of hands-off but personalized playlists, though this one is noticeably different. For starters, the new playlists get refreshed constantly while their forebears are weekly. It also mixes songs you already listen to with new cuts Spotify hopes you'll like, and unlike Discover (30 tracks) and Radar (20 tracks), Daily Mix aims to be "near endless."

"Whether you're in the mood for dancing to upbeat tunes or relaxing with mellow hits, just select your mix and enjoy your most loved familiar tracks with new music peppered in. You're bound to rediscover some forgotten hits or even find a bunch of new favorites."

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Spotify also recognizes that just because you've listened to a song before doesn't mean you want to keep hearing it in future Mixes, so it's giving you the option to "ban" or "heart" tracks depending on your fancy. It's Spotify's way of telling you to relax and let them organize your daily listening, so "you can hopefully spend less time maintaining playlists and more time enjoying the music that you love."

A source at Spotify tells Billboard that any user with enough listening under their belts will start with at least one Daily Mix playlist, though depending on the size and diversity of your library you can have up to six mixes at any given time. Each will have its own distinct vibe.

And because they felt it necessary to address Spotify’s new feature, Paris-based streaming service Deezer released a statement snarkily congratulating its competitor, and teased a new upcoming feature of its own that will focus on "contextual relevance."

"We are very flattered that our competitors have recognized the success of Flow and that they have tried to emulate this experience," the company said. "However, Flow goes much deeper than Daily Mix with crowdsourced content, advanced algorithmic analysis, interactivity and a soon to be released feature that focuses on contextual relevance."

Daily Mix arrives in 'Your Library' with the latest version of Spotify on iOS and Android (mobile only, with desktop rolling out "soon"), and is available to both free and premium users. New Spotify users will have to do two weeks of listening before getting a Daily Mix.



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