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Deezer's N. American CEO Departing for Pot Vaporizer Company Pax

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Tyler Goldman

Almost exactly a month after it launched "wide" stateside, the CEO of Deezer's North American arm is departing the streaming company, according to an announcement from the company he is departing for. The news was first reported by RAIN.

"Tyler Goldman left Deezer to pursue a new challenge and we wish him much success in the next chapter of his career," Deezer said in a statement provided to Billboard. "We continue to have a strong team in place in the U.S. and look forward to continuing to grow our presence here with the most personalized music discovery platform. New leadership changes will be announced shortly."

Pax Labs, a company that makes smoking devices including the Pax vaporizer (a product which The Weeknd struck a deal around last November) has hired Goldman as its new CEO, saying the executive has "a tremendous track record in the tech industry, building premium brands by delivering products in new categories that super-serve consumers," in a statement from Pax Labs co-founder and Chief Product Officer James Monsees.

The most recent subscriber count puts Deezer at three million, well behind Spotify and even Apple Music, which has only been available for a year. However, Apple Music's rapid success seems to indicate that there's room in the market; the company raised $109 million in January from Warner Music parent company Access Industries and British mobile telecom Orange to help find out if that's the case.

"Over one billion people in the world smoke," Goldman says in Pax Labs' press release. "PAX Labs already has scale with two market-leading products, has developed incredible IP we can continue to leverage to better meet existing needs and address new needs, and is growing at a rapid rate -- what's not to like?"

Aug. 23: This story was updated with a statement from Deezer.