Splice Introduces Rent-to-Own Payment Plans for Plugins

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Cloud-based platform Splice is responsible for some of the most innovative tools for music producers in recent years. Following their groundbreaking sample pack store, Splice Sounds, the company has announced its latest concept: rent-to-own pricing plans for plugins.

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Splice has teamed up with Steve Duda’s Xfer Records for the first iteration of the service, offering rent-to-own access to Xfer’s popular wavetable synthesizer, Serum. The model works by providing full access to the plugin on a monthly payment-plan basis. As opposed to similar subscription-based services, every payment made on Splice’s rent-to-own plan goes toward earning an actual license of the product.

The implications of the new model are quite significant. Aside from the obvious benefits of democratizing access to professional tools, the service provides a viable alternative to piracy. It’s much harder to rationalize torrenting your favorite plugin when it’s available for $9.99 a month.

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In this sense, Splice’s rent-to-own model provides benefits for both consumers and plugin developers. In Steve Duda’s own words, “It’s really a win-win sort of situation... this might very well be the model moving forward.”

Steve Martocci, co-founder of Splice, echoed Duda’s enthusiasm on the model: “It's 2016, software should be distributed in an easy way that matches the market demand, but audio production has lagged behind. We're empowering developers to deliver the experience the community has requested for years. It's win-win for everyone involved and time for the rest of the industry to come onboard.”

Judging by the initial response to the rollout, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see more plugin developers adopting a similar pricing structure in the future.

Serum is available for $9.99 a month via Splice’s rent-to-own plan. Check it out here.