Spotify Survey: People Hate Mondays, Music Is Coffee, Sex Is Less Helpful

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Monty Fresco/Getty Images

Spotify's automated Discover Weekly playlists are a hit -- over 5 billion songs streamed since mid-2015 -- so now the streamer has commissioned an online survey to find out just how important music can be to people as they lurch-and-whine into a new week. 

The results of the study, conducted across five markets by Ipsos, found that music (44 percent) was just as likely as coffee (46 percent) to be a respondent's key motivator on a typical Monday. Music also bested food (33 percent), exercise (28 percent) and sex (19 percent) as a way to cure that case of the Mondays. Overall, an average of 64 percent of respondents agreed that they had too little motivation on Mondays. (We calculate that 100 percent of Spotify’s motivation for this study was to tout the benefits of its Discover Weekly feature. As well, the company's media department is earning their pay -- Monday study released on a Monday!)

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"Music is a great motivator, so it makes sense that people rely on it to help rev their engines at the start of the week," said Shanon Cook, Spotify's trends expert. "According to the survey, 42 percent of participants agreed they most need an energy boost early in the morning on Mondays. Thankfully, Spotify's Discover Weekly is delivered first thing on Mondays, so all listeners receive a fresh soundtrack to kick-start their week."

Ipsos surveyed a total of 3,005 adults in five countries, with a third coming from the U.S. and 500 each from Australia, Brazil, France and Sweden.