BitTorrent Adds Streaming Option With Re-Launched BitTorrent Now

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BitTorrent Now

As streaming continues to consolidate its foothold as a major force in the music-listening community, more and more players are getting into the increasingly crowded space. Today, BitTorrent announced it is adding an ad-supported streaming option to its BitTorrent Bundle offerings, which is officially re-launching as BitTorrent Now.

But before anyone thinks the company is throwing its hat into the ring alongside Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal (or even Netflix and Hulu), BitTorrent Now isn't designed as a full-catalog competitor. Rather, its streaming component will be part of the distribution framework established with BitTorrent Bundle in 2013, giving artists who use its direct-to-fan platform the option to allow fans to stream their releases rather than download them. BitTorrent Now is currently available as an app on Android devices, with iOS and Apple TV apps on the horizon "shortly," according to a rep.

With its Bundle service, BitTorrent had already given artists a way to distribute their music via a variety of downloadable methods, whether for free, behind an email gate or as a paid download in which the creator sets the price; within a bundle, artists could also customize further gates that would unlock more extra material, whether it be stickers, merchandise vouchers or bonus tracks. Diplo, Thom Yorke, Major Lazer, G-Eazy and Fool's Gold Records have all utilized the company's bundles in recent years.

For its paid model, BitTorrent has favored a 90/10 split for artists, while it is offering a 70/30 split on ad revenue for its new streaming option. BitTorrent Now is launching with two dozen partners across the music, film and digital spheres, with exclusive premieres going live on the app beginning today (June 23).