Spotify Matches Apple Music's Family Plan Price

All In The Family
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All in the Family cast photo featuring Jean Stapleton and Carroll O'Connor. Negative dated October 24, 1972.

First Apple Music did it, then Google Play, and now, Spotify has upgraded its family plan to allow up six people to have premium accounts for $14.99 a month. It's a potentially steep price cut for existing Spotify families, who previously only got two accounts for that price -- adding a third ($19.99), fourth ($24.99) or fifth ($29.99) member had triggered price increases.

Other than the price, nothing else has changed about the family plan tier: one bill for multiple individual premium Spotify accounts. Spotify gift cards can’t be used to pay for the plan, however, and you’re out of luck if you subscribe through a telephone company or another third party. Also: SORRY CANADA, but you appear to be the lone market that is excluded at this time.

Spotify Thanks Apple Music For Its New Customers

Apple Music rolled out its $14.99/six family plan when it launched in late June 2015. Google Play followed in December. At the time of Apple's launch, Spotify hinted that it would offer a "competitive" family price before long. Now all eyes are on Tidal, which maintains a similar pricing model as the one Spotify just ditched: $14.98 for two, with additional members costing $5 more apiece.

Both Spotify and Apple Music also offer student discounts, set at $4.99 a month.