Soulja Boy's $400 Million Deal Is With World Poker Fund Holdings

"Crank That (Soulja Boy)" Soulja Boy
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"Crank That (Soulja Boy)" Soulja Boy

That "$400 million deal" Soulja Boy tweeted about earlier this month? It’s very real and the client who’s paying the rapper that kind of money is World Poker Fund Holdings, the publicly traded gaming company behind

World Poker Fund confirmed the 5-year endorsement deal on Friday, calling Soulja Boy "one of most influential urban entertainers and artist on social media today." The 25-year-old Atlanta native will harness his sizable social media following (15 million strong) to help promote World Poker’s gaming assets, which will soon include an "in-flight gaming" platform.

"I invest in things I understand," Soulja Boy said. "I enjoy music, and of course gaming. Being an influencer is a form of currency. Having portfolio diversification is critical if you want to be an effective brand ambassador. With regards to World Poker Fund, I believe in its strategy, its team, the vision, and management’s ability to target its financial goals."

Soulja Boy Strikes Deal with FilmOn

A publicist for World Poker said it was individual influencers like Soulja Boy, and not the brands themselves, that drive loyalty. "We no longer are fed content from major news networks -- we seek it out and consume it by individual influencers that enrich our lifestyles," said Matthew Bird. "Soulja Boy represents the best of the best and we are already seeing the impact from his presence."

Last week, Soulja Boy announced a partnership with the FilmOn Records family.