Apple Easily Tops Google, Microsoft in List of Valuable Brands

Cristina Arias/Cover/Getty Images
Apple company logo on flagship store in Madrid in Puerta del Sol, Spain, May 29, 2014. 

Apple may have just posted its shabbiest quarterly earnings in more than a decade, but that doesn’t mean the brand is in any serious trouble. Forbes is back with another list, this time with a tally of the world’s most valuable brands, with the Cuppertino-based behemoth miles ahead of any competitors.

The annual study shows that Apple has a value of $154. billion, a stunning 87 percent higher than second-ranked Google ($82.5b) and more than double of the next listed company, Microsoft ($75.2b). It’s the sixth straight year that Apple is tops on the list.

Last month, Apple disclosed a 12 percent decline in revenue for the second quarter. The dip boiled down to hardware:  iPhone sales dropped by 16 percent to 51.2 million; iPad sales were down 18 percent to 10.3 million; and Mac computers were down 13 percent to 4 million. But Forbes thinks the impending release of the iPhone 7 will cure what ails the company.

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Apple's challenging year meant it only rose 6 percent in brand value in Forbes’ list. By comparison, No. 2 Google is up 26 percent since last year. Fifth-place Facebook is up 44 percent, making it the fastest-growing brand on the list. See the top 12 below or the full list here.

1. Apple $154.1 billion
2. Google $82.5 billion
3. Microsoft $75.2 billion
4. Coca-Cola $58.5 billion
5. Facebook $52.6 billion
6. Toyota $42.1 billion
7. IBM $41.4 billion
8. Disney $39.5 billion
9. McDonald’s $39.1 billion
10. GE $36.7 billion
11. Samsung $36.1 billion
12. Amazon $35.2 billion