Apple Music Will Reportedly Demote That 'Connect' Tab in Its App

Apple Music on iPhones
Courtesy of Apple

Apple Music on iPhones.

Apple Music’s largely ignored Connect social network feature is getting a demotion when a previously reported-on overhaul of the streaming service is completed this summer, according to a new report. Originally envisioned as a major component of the popular app, Apple Music Connect lets artists share photos and videos with fans, who can then comment on or like the posts. But it has yet to click with artists or fans, leaving the prominently featured tab underutilized.

9to5Mac reports that when Apple Music gets redesigned -- as part of an iOS 10 overhaul -- Connect will move from its own tab to within the For You recommendation page. “Connect will still exist within applicable artist pages as it does today, but its demotion from the set of Apple Music tabs indicates that the feature has not lived up to Apple’s expectations from last year,” according to the report.

Apple Music Reportedly Set for Major Overhaul, Beats 1 to Get Sister Stations

A possible impediment to Connect’s success may be a reluctance -- by some -- to embrace yet another social network. A common suggestion for improving Connect is to simply use it as a feed to display existing, real-time Facebook, Instagram and Twitter messages from artists. Integrating third-party apps inside Apple Music could prove challenging, however.

As previously reported, Apple is expected to give its music streaming app a facelift in June, making it easier to use and more closely integrated with the iTunes download business.  Along with the re-imagining of Apple Music proper, the popular Beats 1 radio stream is expected to launch a series of sibling stations this summer.

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Apple Music has 13 million paid subscribers to Spotify’s 25 million. Late last week it began rolling out a half-price promotion for anyone enrolled in an eligible college or university.