Spotify Acquires CrowdAlbum, An Aggregator of Social Data From Live Events

Mario Tama/Getty Images

A woman walks through a hallway at Spotify offices following a press conference in New York City.

Photos and videos shared via social media let CrowdAlbum know the time and place a person attended a concert.

Spotify announced Wednesday it has acquired CrowdAlbum, a service that creates albums of events based on the location and time of photos and videos people share on social media sites. It can index content for any kind of event -- sports, Earth Day festivals, political rallies -- but mostly aggregates photos from music concerts and festivals.

CrowdAlbum was founded in 2013 by Tracy Chan, a former head of YouTube data and analytics. Angel investors include current and former executives from Spotify, Viacom, HBO, Universal Music Group, and Maverick Management. CrowdAlbum had touted its index of people’s interests, locations and events that helps its partners deliver a higher-than-average return on investment to Twitter advertisers. 

While not disclosing the fate of CrowdAlbum as a standalone product, Spotify’s press release said "CrowdAlbum will join a team at Spotify focused on building products for artists.”  "We're working every day to find ways to tighten the connection between artists and their fans,” said Charlie Hellman, vp Product at Spotify, in a statement. “The CrowdAlbum acquisition is the latest way Spotify is investing in helping artists find and engage their audiences on and off Spotify, especially around the ever important business of touring."