Spotify Denies Security Breach After Report of Stolen Passwords, Addresses

John Keeble/Getty Images)

A computer showing Spotify playing "Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" by the Beatles. 

An article is claiming hundreds of Spotify users' information were recently compromised, digging up questions about security and privacy in the age of cloud-based music services. According to a report at TechCrunch, some users' email addresses, passwords and other account information appeared on the Pastebin website.

Spotify said in a statement to Billboard it "[had] not been hacked and our user records are secure. We monitor Pastebin and other sites regularly. When we find Spotify credentials, we first verify that they are authentic, and if they are, we immediately notify affected users to change their passwords." It's nearly the same statement given out in February when hacked information was said to have been posted at Pastebin.

The same statement was also given to TechCrunch. But when contacting some affected Spotify users, TechCrunch says it learned some accounts had been used without permission while others claimed they had been kicked out of their accounts.

If the information at the website is correct, at least some of the Spotify information in question was taken by Thursday, April 14. tweeted a link to a Pastebin page date April 14 that purportedly contained the user names and email addresses of 41 Spotify premium accounts.

[Billboard has chosen not to provide the links to both the page and Pastebin pages.]