No. 5: Martin Bandier | Power 100

Martin Bandier, Chairman/CEO, Sony/ATV Music Publishing



Chairman/CEO, Sony/ATV Music Publishing
Last Year's Rank: 4

As 2015 was ending, ­longtime publishing ­kingpin Martin Bandier faced an uncommonly uncertain future: Not only was Sony/ATV's ownership in doubt, with equal stakeholders Sony Corp. and the Michael Jackson estate vying for control, but he was without a contract. "We are dealing with an internal ­corporate shareholder buy/sell arrangement," Bandier told Billboard in January, "although it's not like the ­company is for sale." In early 2016, though, Bandier signed a new three-year deal, keeping him atop the industry's leading ­publisher no matter who buys the company. It's easy to see why: In 2015, Sony/ATV's revenue grew to $436 million in the first nine months, from $409 ­million in 2014, and it finished the year with an estimated 30 percent market share. Bandier, a ­married father of three, also has assumed a key ­leadership ­position in ­fighting for ­better ­songwriter ­compensation from ­streaming ­companies through direct deals -- he was the first publisher to sign with Pandora -- and ­lobbying the U.S. Department of Justice. "Despite the ­industry ­challenges, we ­continue to grow our business," he says. "I am confident that we will continue to be the world's leading publisher."

Collects: "Baseball ­memorabilia. My most prized object is Jackie Robinson's signed ­application to Major League Baseball in 1947."

-- Ed Christman