No. 53: Pasquale Rotella | Power 100

Pasquale Rotella, Founder/CEO, Insomniac Events



Founder/CEO, Insomniac Events
Last Year's Rank: 59

Since partnering with Live Nation in 2013, Rotella has steadily built Insomniac into a global EDM empire. His flagship festival, Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas, drew more than 134,000 attendees in 2015. This year, Rotella will oversee the brand's expansion to Brazil and Japan.

What is the current state of the dance industry?
It has been accepted into pop culture at this point, which took more than two decades. It's not just a fad. I know people mention that bubbles are going to pop, but it's not going anywhere.

Where is the festival scene heading?
Things will get even more creative. I believe that will include experience and customer service. You'll see some expand internationally, even more so than they have.

Which markets excite you?
Asia, South America. There are a couple I don't want to mention because I've got to get there first.

What's the best approach to prevent drug-related deaths from negatively affecting dance music?
Educate the public. Speak up when ridiculous accusations come up. And run safe events and continue to find innovative ways to ensure safety and security.

What is one prediction for the industry in 2016?
We're going to see some festival [closings]. Saturation is a big issue.