No. 39: Jonathan Dickins | Power 100

Jonathan Dickins, Founder, September Management



Founder, September Management
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As Adele's manager, Dickins oversaw the record-breaking success of her album 25, which sold 7.4 million copies in the United States in just seven weeks. His roster also includes London Grammar and producer Paul Epworth.

What do you consider to be your biggest business achievement in 2015?
[At the risk of] stating the obvious, it's the Adele comeback. To come back with good music and have people embrace it the way that they did.

What were the challenges in building the campaign?
The music industry is a simple game that can be complicated by idiots. If you get the music right, you've got half a shot. The most important thing was making sure Adele was given time and allowed a creative environment without pressure.

What is the biggest issue facing the industry in 2016?
Not putting out enough good records. There is a "short-term-ism" in the music business. If you have a short-term focus, unfortunately you're going to get short-term results.

Did you and Adele exchange gifts following 25?
You're going to get me in trouble. She's the most generous person and got me a very nice watch case. Being a typical bloke, I haven't got her anything yet, but I know what I am getting her. The problem is that it will probably come in f—ing June.