No. 14: Rob Stringer | Power 100

Rob Stringer, Chairman/CEO, Columbia Records



Chairman/CEO, Columbia Records
Last Year’s Rank: 17

In 2015, Stringer witnessed the fourth-quarter sunset of One Direction and the ­critically acclaimed fall debut of R&B artist Leon Bridges, but his year was defined by the November release of Adele's album 25. The married father of two girls says strategizing began last summer "for what we knew was going to be a good run." It was time well spent: One in 33 albums bought in 2015 was a copy of 25, ­amounting to 7.4 million units sold. The blockbuster boosted Columbia's market share two points to 12.5 ­percent ­(factoring in releases by its RED ­distribution arm). Stringer credits the feat to a "process that combines old-school musical touches with a postmodern digital plan." Or, in other words, "We didn't f— it up."