No. 11: Bob Pittman | Power 100

 Bob Pittman, Chairman/CEO, iHeartMedia



Chairman/CEO, iHeartMedia
Last Year's Rank: 8

The uncertain nature of the radio ­business doesn't faze Pittman, the chairman/CEO of a company that reaches 110 million ­listeners each week. "Plans can lull you into a false sense of ­security. It's better to understand the future is unknowable," says the world traveler and licensed pilot who has logged 6,500 flying hours. That attitude could serve him well in 2016. Revenue dipped only 1.7 percent, to $4.5 billion, through September, but deep debt could reportedly lead to a financial restructuring.

Biggest Problem Facing Radio: "Getting ­advertising dollars in proportion to the impact we have. Only 75 percent of millennials watch TV. Radio still reaches 93 percent of millennials and adults, yet few advertisers have adjusted their plans."