CBGB, Punk Rock Venue Never Known for Its Cleanliness, Gets a Newark Airport Restaurant

Jack Vartoogian/Getty Images

Legendary Rock Club CBGB (at 315 Bowery) at the close of a long night of Slam-Dancing on Valentine's Day 1983, New York City.

The bacon cheeseburger is $14.

Since closing its doors in 2006, the name and reputation of legendary rock venue CBGB has been steadily diminished and diluted, seemingly beyond repair. Contributing factors include the initial storefront's second life as a high-end men's fashion retailer (arguably the least egregious thing to happen to the brand), a lukewarmly received music festival -- an offshoot of which was announced for Fort Lauderdale and which seems to have never taken place -- and last year's reviled "biopic."

Next up? An airport restaurant. In Newark. The news was first reported last month by New York Magazine food vertical Grub Street in a post on the airport's upcoming restaurant offerings, but went wide this morning thanks to a tweet from independent radio station WFMU, which posted a picture of the restaurant, still under construction.

Epic Rights, the company appointed to administer licensing around the CBGB brand in September of last year, did not respond to a request for comment at press time.

CBGB Newark International won't be the only tristate-area restaurant with a connection to the famed venue; famed chef Daniel Boulud owns a restaurant right next door to its original location named DBGB. Prices are similar at both.