Ticketfly Launches Tools for Promoters


Recently acquired by Pandora, Ticketfly adds to its feature-rich ticketing and marketing platform.

Ticketfly wants to improve its ticketing platform by making the lives of promoters easier. A new product, named Ticketfly Promoter, will help promoters with such tasks as tracking holds and managing multiple venues. 

“With the launch of Ticketfly Promoter and the substantial improvements to our mobile website network, we’ve clearly moved well beyond just ticketing," said Barry Grant, Ticketfly’s vp of product, in a statement.

Ticketfly Promoter will work with the company's existing ticketing and event management platform. The company calls it an "end-to-end" solution because its service stretches from holding a show on a calendar to settling with artists, management and venues at the end of the night -- all from a mobile device if desired.

It's yet another tool in Ticketfly's toolkit. Ticketfly has invested heavily in its technology while raising $87 million since being founded in 2008. Its 1,100 venue and promoter clients -- Burning Man, Forest Hills Stadium and Pitchfork Music Festival among them -- get a basket of services including social and email marketing and custom websites.