Microsoft Officially Retires Zune Services

Microsoft Zune
David Howells/REX Shutterstock

Microsoft Zune photographed on Nov. 14, 2006.

That’s it, Zune lovers. Microsoft has officially retired all digital music services tied to the ill-fated MP3 player, meaning you’ll no longer be able to stream or download new content. As long as your Zune works, however, it should continue to function as a plain old MP3 player, so you’ll be able to transfer music to and from your device… just not from Zune services like Zune Music Pass.

The Zune player was introduced in November of 2006 and enjoyed a small but passionate following over the years, including a guy who tattooed his arm with its logo and reportedly tried to change his name to "Microsoft Zune." The company stopped making the device in 2011, but continued to offer its digital subscription service, which allowed users to stream or download content on the device for a flat fee.

Existing Zune Music Pass subscribers will be converted over to the similar Groove Music Pass service.

We searched YouTube to shine a light on sad Zunerz but all we found was this clip of a Zune with a New Zealand-shaped crack in its screen: