Publishing Briefs: Atlas Music Signs Brian Howes, Imagem Music Partners With RebelOne

Charley Gallay/WireImage

Songwriter Brian Howes attends the EMI/Stand Up For A Cure Post Grammy event held at SLS Beverly Hills Hotel on February 8, 2009 in Los Angeles.

-- Atlas Music Publishing has signed producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Brian Howes to an exclusive global music publishing deal. Howe has produced or written songs for NickelbackSimple PlanHedleySkilletHinderDaughtryDavid Cook and Puddle of Mudd, among others.

“If you’re going for music's version of the Stanley Cup, Brian's the guy you want skating on your team,” Atlas Music Publishing founder/CEO Richard Stumpf said in a statement. “He is a powerhouse producer/writer with a skill set that makes him deadly in numerous genres.”

-- Imagem Music has signed on to handle the administration of RebelOne Entertainment’s music publishing arm, while also forging a joint-venture publishing partnership on a going-forward basis.

Songwriters covered in the administration deal with RebelOne Publishing include Scott Harris, who recently penned 10 songs for Shawn MendesHandwritten album; writer/producer Kyle Shearer (Tove Lo, Carly Rae Jepsen); writer/producer Rob Guariglia and recording artists SIVIK and Lesley Roy.

 "As we've developed our writers and producers over the last few years, we began looking for a partner that would not only help support us from a business perspective but also strengthen the creative needs of a growing company," RebelOne principal Marc Jordan said in a statement. He added that Imagem brings “synergistic qualities” that will help move RebelOne Publishing into its next phase.

"For a long time we've admired how the RebelOne team discovers, develops and works with their talent,” Imagem Music U.S. president Jason Jordan said in a statement. “Culturally, it's a great fit for both companies to work together.”

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-- Lip Sync Music, the Los Angeles licensing firm, is diversifying its capabilities by starting a new music publishing venture called Very Well Music Group, launched in partnership with European indie publisher Strictly Confidential, which will administer the catalog internationally.

“It was inevitable that we would get into publishing,” Lip Sync CEO Lauren Harman said in a statement. “It was happening too often that we were losing bands we did great business for because they needed a company with a publishing division to keep up with all the great stuff they had happening.”

In talking about the new partnership, Strictly Confidential's creative director Thomas De Mot said in a statement, "Lauren and I share a common vision about being fiercely independent and doing business with people you have a personal connection with. On top of that, the people at Lip Sync take their music very seriously and have signed some very promising writers.” 

-- In another move, Lip Sync Music, which has provided sync services for established artist like Snoop Dogg and Bloc Party, as well as hundreds of indie artists, is also creating a new in-house sound design library called Scissorbox.

According to the company’s announcement, Scissorbox nurtures a roster of producers and composers to create customized compositions for brands, trailers, film and television. In addition, they will also source sounds and stems from within the catalog of the Lip Sync rooster. "Remixing a band's song into a trailer-friendly format is not a new concept," Harman said. 

-- The Royalty Network will launch Samplefest, an invitation-only event to producers and artists, on Sept. 28 at Parlor in New York City. At the event, it will showcase the songs in its catalog -- which includes songs like "Kung Fu Fighting" by Carl Douglas and "Bam Bam" by Sister Nancy -- in which it controls 100 percent of the master recording and and publishing rights.

Moreover, for any songs presented from the catalog, it is offering a pre-cleared split whereby its artist/songwriters would receive a 33.33 percent stake in whatever song the sample is used in while the producer and other songwriters getting to share the remaining 66.67 percent stake.

“We view this as an extremely unique idea and offering,” Royalty Network president Frank Liwall said in a statement. “We're not aware of any company's offering pre-determined splits (without regard to the amount being sampled) on well-known commercially released songs…Creatively working our catalog and generating new revenue sources for our clients is always at the fore of our company's mission.”