Overheard: Nick Jam, Shannyn Sossamon & More Gossip

Nicky Jams Colombian Style

Nicky Jam is expanding his brand to other genres. The Puerto Rican reggaeton star has just recorded a duet with Colombian singer Silvestre Dangond that is set to be released in September. The song, "Materialista," features Jam, 34, singing in the vallenato folk style of Colombia's Caribbean region. Meanwhile, Jam's current single, "El Perdon," which features Enrique Iglesias, is poised to complete 26 weeks at the top of Billboard's Hot Latin Songs chart, at which point it will overtake Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie" to become the second-longest-running song at No. 1.

Shannyn: Blinded By Science

Sinister 2 star and former Warpaint drummer Shannyn Sossamon, 36, is weary of questions about her first son's name, Audio Science Clayton. When Billboard asked the actress, whose movie is currently in theaters, if her 12-year-old has a nickname, she replied that the query was "very irritating," but addressed what she says is a misunderstanding about the moniker. "His name is Audio Clayton, and his middle name happens to be Science," she says. "In no way did we name our child Audio Science as a statement." Sossamon explains the two names were "on a long list" of possibilities. When the time came, "they just floated up, and I go with my instincts." Besides, she says, "his last name is quite ordinary."