SoundCloud Stops Sharing With Next Big Sound, Citing Its Sale to Pandora

Gary Waters/Getty Images

Update, 3:05PM, Aug. 20: Pandora has shared a statement with Billboard on SoundCloud's exit from Next Big Sound, writing: "This isn't a surprise. We anticipated some changes to the list of partners might occur. And we're sorry to see them go.  But, nevertheless, Next Big Sound remains the single best platform for music data and insights, and we're excited to apply their expertise to both our own business and our clients'."

SoundCloud has decided to stop sharing data with Next Big Sound, the streaming analytics company recently acquired by Pandora. NBS let the news slip in a tweet-reply to a confused client from Motor Entertainment, who noticed SoundCloud data was missing from his reports.

“We're sorry to report that Soundcloud decided to stop sharing data with @nextbigsound last month,” the company tweeted.

Reached by Music Ally, a spokesperson at SoundCloud cited Pandora’s acquisition of NBS in May as a core reason why they stopped using the streaming service’s API.

“Since SoundCloud’s beginning we’ve focused on building an ecosystem where creativity thrives. That creativity includes developers who have built innovative services using SoundCloud’s API,” the rep said. "With the recent acquisition of Next Big Sound by Pandora, we have decided, as a normal course of business, that the time has come for Next Big Sound to discontinue using SoundCloud’s API.”

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Terms of the Pandora-NBS deal have not been disclosed. It was announced about seven months after Pandora debuted its Artist Marketing Platform, an in-house tool that provides artists with information on streams of their recordings. Next Big Sound will complement AMP and provide additional analysis on the listening activities and feedback of 80 million monthly active users. Pandora also plans to use Next Big Sound to help brands choose artists with which to partner and analyze the results.

Of the 1.03 trillion music streams tracked by Next Big Sound during the first half of 2015, Billboard noted in an earlier report that SoundCloud had an estimated 26.5 billion streams. The service had 4.9 billion streams in May alone, according to data provided, and at the current rate of growth the service will rack up 60 billion streams this year.