Marshall Cranks Out a Phone for Music Lovers

Marshall Phone
Courtesy of Marshall

The Marshall London has two front-facing speakers, a pair of headphone jacks and a custom app for recording music on the go.

Marshall is famous for making loud guitar amplifiers adored by musicians with a passion for melting faces. In recent years, however, the company has branched out to produce leather-clad bluetooth speakers, headphones and, now surprisingly, phones. The U.K.-based company is poised to announce the Marshall London, an Android smartphone made with music lovers in mind.

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The company prematurely posted details of the phone on its website before removing it ahead of a Thursday afternoon launch, however, several tech sites snatched the info before it disappeared. The rectangular phone has a faux-leather finish, a 4.7-inch, 720p display and a very Marshall-like gold scroll on the side for volume, which will come in handy for playing music out of the pair of front-facing speakers and dual headphone jacks (bye-bye splitters). For audiophiles, the phone has a hifi-grade sound card and is equipped for the playback of lossless FLAC files.

No word on whether the volume goes to 11, though.

Musicians and singers will surely appreciate the two microphones installed on the device for easy recording. According to Engadget, the London will be equipped with custom apps to help with recording sessions and another that combines all of your music sources (Spotify, personal music library, etc.), plus has a global E.Q. feature. Storage-wise, the London boasts 2GB of RAM and16GB of internal storage. There’s also a camera.

The Marshall London is set for release on Aug. 21 with a hefty price tag of about $590.

UPDATE: The company has officially announced the new phone at an event in London. Here's a pair of close-up images of the gadget:

Courtesy of Marshall