Fugitives Tracked Down in Mexico Using Spotify and Netflix Accounts

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Courtesy of Spotify

Important note to aspiring fugitives: cancel your Spotify account before you make like a tree. Brittany Nunn and Peter Barr learned the hard way when authorities tracked the couple down in Mexico earlier this month with the help of information from Spotify and Netflix.

According to The Coloradoan, the pair fled their home in Wellington, Colo. in early December after a court granted primary custody of Nunn’s two daughters to their biological fathers. They defied the order and took the children, spurring a seven-month manhunt that initially stumped local, state and federal authorities.

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After several months and a few dead-ends in the case, investigator Drew Weber of the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office decided to try a new tactic and filed a search warrant to acquire records from Nunn’s Spotify account. The IP address revealed the fugitive was streaming music somewhere in Mexico. Weber was able to pull more information from Netflix along with Nunn’s other accounts and eventually tracked a package being shipped to vacation hotspot Cabo San Lucas.

Investigators then began a months-long stakeout of the couple as FBI and State Department officials worked with the Mexican government on the details in order to capture Nunn and Barr and return them and the children to the U.S. The couple was arrested on Tuesday, July 7 in Cabo and deported to Denver where the children were reunited with their dads.