Demi Lovato Releasing a 'Choose Your Own Adventure' Mobile Game

Demi Lovato
Courtesy of Pocket Gems

An animation of Demi Lovato for a mobile game by Pocket Gems.

Mobile gaming generates an estimated $4.6 billion per year in North America alone, with females making up 56 percent of their audience.

Kim Kardashian has one. Katy Perry is getting one, too. Later this summer, Demi Lovato will be the latest young, female celebrity to dive into the world of mobile video games. The "Let It Go" singer has partnered with mobile game developer Pocket Gems to create a game that recreates the storyline of becoming a famous musician.

The as-yet-untitled game, to be released later in the summer, is a like a "choose your own adventure" story, Pocket Gem's Jameel Khalfan tells Billboard. Players will join Lovato on tour and backstage as they build their own music careers. It will run on Pocket Gems' Episode platform, which powers dozens of interactive stories, and will be available to both iOS and Android users.

Why did Pocket Gems seek out Lovato? Khalfan says the company surveys its users about the kind of content they want and which people they look up to. One recurring theme from its predominantly female user base was the desire to be famous. Pocket Gems eventually found out through CAA, Lovato's agency, she was interested in this kind of project.

"If you incorporate an artist with Demi, it becomes more real," Khalfan tells Billboard. "You get to see things that have helped her along the way. We wanted to come up with a compelling story our users will love. They're all aware of her story."

As for Lovato's involvement in the game's development, Khalfan says she has helped give it authenticity. She has helped craft her dialog, the clothes and outfits her avatar will wear. Her dog Buddy will also be featured. Khalfan says Lovato's original recordings will be incorporated in the game "in a few different ways" depending on the story.

Lovato is getting into a fast-growing business. A 2014 report by research and consulting firm EEDAR says North America alone had 142 million mobile gamers in the third quarter that had spent a total of $4.63 billion in the previous year. Females represent 56 percent of all mobile gamers and 29 percent of the heavy payers that account for roughly have of total spending.