BandPage Partners With StubHub to Place Additional Offers in Search Results

J Balvin
Jessica Chou 

J Balvin performs during the Billboard en Vivo concert series on April 15th at Sayers Club in Los Angeles, Calif.

Would you like a meet-and-greet with that concert ticket?

BandPage, the platform that aims to be a one-stop destination for artists' web presences that has raised $27.6 million in funding to date, has announced StubHub as its newest partner this morning.

The partnership will allow the insertion of BandPage offers -- such as meet-and-greets -- into search results on StubHub, as seen below. "People are already there to buy," BandPage CEO J Sider tells Billboard, "so that's a very impactful place to be because, in general, online marketplaces have a 5 percent conversion rate [the percentage of visitors which become customers], and artist sites have 1 percent or less."

The move continues BandPage's quest to better understand where along a fan's "chain" -- listening on streaming services to artist website visits to, now, the secondary market ticketing that StubHub offers -- is the best spot to present fans the opportunity for additional purchases.

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"We're testing a bunch of different ways of displaying these, and studying the clickthrough and conversion rates of all of it," says Sider, "when they're buying it, afterwards, should we send them a follow up email... what will drive the most revenue for artists? We're working actively with [StubHub] to understand what [works] best, and applying that across the platform."

BandPage also touts partnerships with Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud and more.