Jay Z's First Tidal Offering Follows Other Archive-Digging Exclusives


Tidal has another exclusive out today and you can watch it right here! For now, at least. The streaming music service's head honcho, Jay Z, has released footage from a 2012 rehearsal of his track "Glory" at Carnegie Hall. Nas, Alicia Keys and Questlove make cameos in the 5:40-minute video as Jay prepares for a pair of benefit show for the Shawn Carter Foundation at the legendary concert hall.

Hours after becoming available to Tidal subscribers, the video made it to YouTube -- via a non-official Jay Z channel. Watch it:

While Tidal's rollout since late March has included some traditional exclusives -- Rihanna and Beyonce have both released new songs, though they were quickly pirated -- the majority have tended to be archive material, like unreleased videos, and artist-curated playlists. The majority of the content has been courtesy of Tidal's famous equity holders, though there has been at least one exception. Here's a roundup:

  • Jack White dove into his archives to offer the first-ever TV performance by his old band The White Stripes. The footage, circa 2000, shows Jack and ex-wife Meg White pounding away at "Apple Blossom" and "Death Letter" on a Detroit-area public access show. While the Stripes content is cool, fans have become pretty accustomed to these kinds of rides in an artist's wayback machine on YouTube.
  • Madonna premiered a teaser video for her upcoming music video for "Ghosttown," off the icon's new album Rebel Heart. As previously noted, the 16-second (!!!) clip shows a caped Madonna running through an apocalyptic landscape. The full-length video emerged days later, not via Tidal, but with a glitchy premiere on the streaming video app Meerkat.
  • Rihanna released two tracks exclusively to Tidal, "Bitch Better Get My Money" and "American Oxygen," with the latter's music video getting debuted to subscribers a day later. Beyonce released a song and video for "Die With You," a sparse ballad dedicated to her husband.

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  • ‚ÄčAlicia Keys offered up some behind-the-scenes footage from 2003's Set the World on Fire Tour. The three-minute clip from her show at Madison Square Garden in her native NYC features cameos by DMX and Method Man.
  • Some artists have been dropping non-music related content as well, including a short film co-starring Erykah Badu called They Die By Dawn. The 50-minute western, directed by Jeymes Samuels, co-stars Michael K. Williams, Rosario Dawson and Jesse Williams, among others. Badu is not one of the original stakeholders in Tidal.
  • Daft Punk's Electroma, the duo's self-directed film about two robots yearning to be human, was also published to Tidal. The movie, which does not feature their music, was first shown in 2006 and went on to a limited theatrical release in Paris and numerous screenings worldwide, with DVD and online rental availability following later. Being free for paying Tidal subscribers is the exclusive here.
  • What have some of the other shareholder/artists contributed to Tidal so far? One word: playlists! Stars ranging from Beyonce, Jack White, Jay Z and Jason Aldean have all added curated mixes to the mix. Coldplay's playlist, dubbed "Songs That Formed the Band" features 10 songs that "have made a clear and meaningful contribution to their own stadium-filling sound," and includes TLC's "Waterfalls" and U2's "Bullet the Blue Sky."