Insound, Online Music Retailer, Announces Closure

Vinyl Record Player
David Herrmann/Getty Images

Insound, a long-running online vinyl and audio equipment retailer founded in 1998, has announced that it will close on Mar. 31.

"Insound as a brand was obviously very well-liked, but it was a pretty small company," says a music industry source. "Three people worked there. At the end of the day, it's a vinyl and merchandise retailer, and you can surmise from that that those small online destinations that sell music, they aren't lways commercially viable. It's an unfortunate thing."

He added, "It's one of those things those companies in a certain community brand recognition, but that doesn't mean people were buying a lot of products from it."

Shortly after Insound's tweet, Warner Music Group, which acquired the company in 2008, confirmed its closure to Billboard. WMG added that anyone who has purchased items via pre-order or otherwise will still receive their shipment. 

Check out musicians' and others' reactions to the news on Twitter below.