SocialRank, Data Metrics Startup, Launches Snapshot Music Index

5 Seconds of Summer at iHeartRadio 2014
 Joseph Llanes

5 Seconds of Summer pose backstage of the iHeartRadio Village in Las Vegas on Saturday, Sept. 20, 2014.

SocialRank, a relatively new social data metrics company that analyzes Twitter accounts to provide easily digestible insights into its followers and engagement rates, today launched its Music Index, "inspired" by the Billboard 200 albums chart.

Using the Billboard 200's current standings, the chart captures publically available data from Twitter accounts of the 200's top 100 artists, providing a novel presentation of the social success of the world's most-popular artists.

Other companies, most notably Next Big Sound, provide a similar service for a similar price (free), though SocialRank incorporates new data points that Twitter has recently made available, like the ability to sort by verified followers.

Essentially, the new Music Index allows the curious to see verified followers, daily engagement, follower engagement percentage (which serves as a rough estimation of fan loyalty). The Index is meant to provide an easily browsed snapshot of the most-popular artists' Twitter presences.