Snapchat Now Lets You Add a Soundtrack to Your Snaps

three people listening to music on a smart phone in a car
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Updated: 12:42PM, Feb. 19

While you were snapping, Snapchat quietly added a new feature that makes it a breeze to incorporate music into your messages. Before now the app's users had to blast the car stereo or hold up a second phone if they wanted a soundtrack. Now, you can run third-party audio apps like Pandora, Spotify and iTunes in the background and the audio comes through crystal clear.

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The update -- on version 9.2.0 on iOS (no Android yet) -- gives Snapchat an advantage over Vine and other similar quick-video apps, which automatically pause your device's music apps as soon as you press record. The feature comes shortly after the Los Angeles-based startup banned users from sharing videos through Mindie, an app that shoots personal music videos that can then be shared on Snapchat. As TechCrunch points out, Snapchat cited its security policy for blocking the app.

Snapchat's iTunes update

Snapchat's increased focus on music became public during the Sony hack, when emails revealed CEO Evan Spiegel's interest in finding new ways to promote artists on the platform. The company recently partnered with Warner Music Group and others to provide content for Discover, a curated news feed, and earlier this month it premiered a new video for Madonna -- a first for the app's Snap Channel.

Billboard reached out to Snapchat but did not receive a response at press time.