Music Projects Are Most-Backed in Kickstarter's Year-End Roundup

Hands Holding out Money
Joos Mind/Getty Images

Yet again, music seems to have dominated Kickstarter's year. The crowdfunding pioneer has released it's (very well-designed) results from the past year, including number of projects funded, which categories drew the most money, which countries funded the most, which day of the week or hour of the day is most likely to draw the most money and the year's "most-backed" projects.

Out of 22,252 successful projects, 4,009 were music-related, with Neil Young's high-definition Pono player being the "most-backed" -- drawing the highest number of individual backers -- with 18,220 people tossing in their coin. (Pono is also the fourth most-funded project in Kickstarter's history, bringing in over $6.2 million last April.) Film and video was the second highest-backed category, with 3,846 successful projects.

"$529 million was pledged to Kickstarter projects last year. That's more than $1,000 a minute," the company writes. Weighing its 5 percent cut, that means Kickstarter made $50 a minute, or $3,000 an hour, or $2.1 million a month, or about $26 million last year.

While the most projects were in the music category, they definitely weren't the most expensive. Music was fifth in line for funding, bringing in $34.1M overall. Technology, the funding leader, brought in $125M.

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