Women In Music 2014: The 50 Most Powerful Executives in the Industry

This year the industry's top players weren't just changing the business in the label, publishing and touring worlds, they also were changing jobs, and the shake-ups are reflected in Billboard's 10th annual rankings. As the industry itself evolves, so do the people making the biggest waves within it. Every facet of the wide world of music is represented in our list of profiles, from television networks to law firms, agencies to labels, streaming strategists and public radio producers.

We congratulate all of this year's honorees, and look forward to seeing how they change the industry in the new year.

Click here to read through our 50 profiles on the music industry's groundbreakers and game-changers, as well as our features the biggest female artists of the year.

Reporting throughout by: Jem Aswad, Harley Brown, Megan Buerger, Ed Christman, Frank DiGiacomo, Thom Duffy, Shirley Halperin, Andrew Hampp, Paul Heine, Gail Mitchell, Melinda Newman, Glenn Peoples, Mitchell Peters, Deborah Evans Price and Ray Waddell.