Spinefarm, Search and Destroy Partner for New Atreyu and Turbowolf Albums

Members of Spinefarm Records, Search and Detroy and Raw Power Management
Elizabeth Lippman for Spinefarm Records

Members of Spinefarm Records, Search and Detroy and Raw Power Management, photographed at Spinefarm Records in NYC on Oct. 20, 2014.

Spinefarm Records, the hard rock label owned by the Universal Music Group, and Search and Destroy Records, via Raw Power Management, have created a joint venture which will see new albums from Turbowolf and Atreyu due in 2015.

"Search and Destroy is an important part of our growth plan so we are really pleased to have this new agreement in place with Spinefarm," Raw Power Management founder and CEO Craig Jennings said in a statement. "Their enthusiasm for what we are trying to achieve with the label made them the obvious choice for a global partnership and their company philosophy is a great fit with our own."

The deal, which doesn't include the Search and Destroy catalog, will cover new artists signings going forward. The Turbowolf album, co-produced by Tom Dalgety, is slated for April 2015, while the Atreyu album, which will be their first new material in five years, will also come out in the Spring 2015.

"The principals and staff of Raw Power/Search And Destroy represent an exact fit for us in this new and exciting phase of Spinefarm’s evolution," Spinefarm worldwide GM Jonas Nachsin said in a statement. "They are music people, dedicated to working with and developing great rock bands, and have a great track record in doing so.  That’s exactly what we are doing here, in a serious and determined way, and are thrilled to be locking arms with S&D in a common cause."

In addition to announcing the joint-venture, Search and Destroy also said that BBC Radio 1 programmer Dan P. Carter had joined the label to head up its A&R effort. "We are delighted that Dan is joining our S and D team; he has been responsible for breaking several British rock and metal acts in his role at Radio 1 and we look forward to him bringing that expertise to the label," Jennings said in a statement.