Happy Release Day! Now Watch a Dude Drop His Brand-New iPhone 6

Jack Cooksey on Australian television

Jack Cooksey on Australian television stateion 9 News

"It was a bit scary."

It's being called the iPhone fumble seen 'round the world.* In less than a day, millions have watched 18-year-old Jack Cooksey drop the first purchased iPhone 6 outside an Apple store in Perth, Australia. The excruciating moment occurred moments after he was rushed by a local morning show reporter, who asked the clearly jazzed Cooksey to have a look-see.

What happened next was textbook "how-not-to-open-an-iphone-box-on-tv" -- instead of holding the box flat in his hands while trying to separate the top from bottom SLOWLY, Cooksey tilted the package while quickly jiggling it free. When the box finally cracked, the phone hopped out and onto the ground, as if it were a frog escaping from a shoebox. The horror. Watch this version of the video, which has received over a million views:

"I literally was opening it and I was trying to show it to the camera and I think in the panic and excitement I dropped it," Cooksey recalled in an interview on 9 News. "It was a bit scary but thankfully it was all good."

Cooksey, who said he aspires to be a journalist, showed off his new phone and insisted it wasn't damaged in the tumble. "It's good, it's all good. It's not broken!" The anchor called it a "good advertisement for [the phone's] durability."

Huge crowds lined up across Australia to be some of the first people in the world to buy the new phones, which were revealed earlier this month by Apple CEO Tim Cook. Older models have been notorious for the ease of which their screens crack, so tech site GSM Arena performed a crack test on the new phones. Check it out:

* No it's not.