Here's What We Know About Apple's New 'iWatch'

Apple will make a big announcement about something very small on Tuesday, according to the New York Times, when the company unveils a watch-like wearable computer at an event that is also expected to give people a first look at a pair of beefed-up iPhones.

Dubbed the iWatch by everyone but Apple, the secretive device will debut at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts in Cupertino, Calif. and is set to by CEO Tim Cook's first brand-new product since taking over Apple three years ago following the death of Steve Jobs.

The device is expected to come in two sizes and will feature fitness monitoring apps and mobile computing capabilities like mapping and a chip that paves the way to transferring information like payments. The cost of the watch is unknown, as is its release date, though it's looking like 2015.

Here's a handful of other details about the so-called iWatch:

  • Sensors that can track footsteps, heart rate and other vital signs.
  • A flexible display panel that is covered with tougher-than-glass synthetic sapphire.
  • It's got a circuit board the size of a postage stamp.
  • The battery will be charged wirelessly -- not via solar.
  • Inside will be a technology called near-field communication (NFC) that will allow people to share information -- like payments -- over very short distances.

As previously reported, Apple will also be unveiling two larger iPhones at the event. The iPhone 6 will come in sizes ranging from 4.7 inches to 5.5 inches and will feature a few adjustments to accommodate for the size. According to Times sources, they'll have rounded edges that will resemble the look of the latest iPads, and there will be changes to the phones' user interface to allow people to use apps and type more easily with one hand.

The new iPhones are expected to be released in a matter of weeks.