iPhone 6 Launch Rumors Continue to Heat Up with 'Leaked' Guide

Apple CEO Tim Cook
Courtesy of Apple

Will Apple rule your very existence on September 9? That date has been making the rounds for a while as the possible unveiling of the iPhone 6, and now tech blogs are a-buzzin' over an image showing what may be the insert card -- the kind you find in the box -- for the coveted device.

French site nowhereelse -- characterized as a reliable source of leaks from Cupertino -- has published what resembles a quick start guide that is stamped "Tuesday September 9" and displays a smattering of features, most notably a sleep/wake button on right side of the phone instead of the top. Other elements seen in the image include redesigned volume buttons, and a home button that includes a Touch ID sensor.

Re/code previously reported that Apple had scheduled a big media day for Sept. 9. Apple's next-generation iPhones are expected to be the main attraction. It's believed the iPhone6 will come in two sizes, 4.7-inches and 5.5-inches, and feature a faster processor.

The legitimacy of the card was immediately called into question, however, with MacRumors pointing out discrepancies regarding the font style along with a lack of slashes in several spots, including the awkwardly capitalized "Ring Silent switch."

The writer of the nowhereelse post, Steve Hemmerstoffer, the site's founder, was quick to point out that the card could be a prototype and in the story's comments even admits the whole thing could be a fake. "Indeed, I was told these inconsistencies," he wrote in a response to a list of warning signs. "Maybe though it is only a false... Fortunately I was not categorical!"

Whether the insert card is real or not, it still bolsters long-bubbling rumors for a splashy keynote event less than two weeks away.