Mixcloud Adds Two Paid Tiers

Mixcloud, the London-based Internet radio company that specializes in long-form EDM content, is offering paid tiers of service to complement its advertising-free radio product.

The premium-tier account removes advertisements and costs $6.99 per month or $69.99 per year. A paid tier of Mixcloud should be beneficial to rights owners and creators. Co-founder Nico Perez explains to Billboard that Premium accounts require a higher royalty rate paid to performing rights organizations. As a result, "in the USA, the per-track royalty rate that we pay to SoundExchange roughly doubles, and so that extra money should flow to the artists," he says.

The other new tier of service is the PRO account. Priced at $15 per month or $135 per year, PRO gives uploaders analytical tools that provide insight into where and how people listened to their content. The offering is similar to the premium tier of popular streaming service SoundCloud. The top tier of SoundCloud Pro also provides unlimited track uploads and analytical tools, and has the same monthly and annual prices as Mixcloud PRO.

Think of Mixcloud as a streaming version of Beatport, the popular EDM download store that was purchased last year by EDM promoter SFX Entertainment. Mixcloud streams the mixes and radio shows of its registered users and pays performance royalties by way of its agreements with licensing collectives around the world.

Mixcloud also announced some new features Tuesday (Aug 14). One of them is a "repost" feature that allows people to share their mixes or radio shows from their channels. "“We’re excited to launch this feature; it’s had a lot of demand from our community, particularly the content creators on the platform," CTO Mat Clayton said in a statement. "It will open up a number of new ways to share and discover content on Mixcloud."