Executive Playlist: Piotr Orlov’s World Cup ‘Boof, Eat My Goal! The Liquid Futebol Master Mix'

 (Photo by Norman Seeff)
Piotr Orlov

This week’s Executive Playlist, the "Boof, Eat My Goal! The Liquid Futebol Master Mix," is related to all things World Cup, the massive global sporting event kicking off today in Brazil. Piotr Orlov is a writer/editor who also runs Raspberry Jones, a music programming and content consultancy that’s worked on projects such as the Red Bull Music Academy, Microsoft’s Microtropolis (for Mother New York), Moogfest and AFROPUNK. He currently also edits the Victory Journal, a bi-annual journal of sports and culture, which examines competition and physicality through a more creative and emotional lense, and which was the venue for this incredible set of music which Orlov explains in depth below.

I’ve long loved the idea of the music of football/soccer. There’s a very deep, historic pool of sounds and songs to explore, and to beautifully organize. In 2006, during the World Cup in Germany, Billboard contributor Judy Cantor-Navas and I worked with art curators Franklin Sirmans and Trevor Schoonmaker on an exhibition called The Beautiful Game: Contemporary Art & Futbol that ran at New York’s Roebling Hall galleries and at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, and which gathered artwork about soccer from all over the world. (Franklin, who is now the head of contemporary art at LACMA, has expanded that exhibit into Fútbol: The Beautiful Game, which is on view through late July.) For it, Judy and I compiled a 32-song playlist about the game, everything from Jorge Ben’s nearly-ubiquitous-but-still-great “Umbabarauma” to U.S. national team forward (and Houston rap fanatic) Clint “Deuce” Dempsey’s duet with the Screwed Up Click’s Big Hawk (R.I.P.), “Don’t Tread On Me.” It was awesome. But I thought a longer and cooler DJ-mix-style piece could be put together, something uniquely creative. 

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Working on Victory Journal, we have a section called ‘Collections,’ which is just an assortment of historically-interesting objects from one person’s accumulated mess of stuff, and that person explaining its significance. The only thing is it’s got to be on a single theme and sports-related. For the newest issue, which has a few soccer-/World Cup-related pieces in it, the section was devoted to football vinyl from the collection of Roger Bennett. Roger is a British-American journalist who soccer fans may know from his Grantland podcast ‘Men in Blazers,’ and who music people may know as a renowned collector of weird vinyl recordings and as co-author of ‘And You Shall Know Us by the Trail of Our Vinyl: The Jewish Past as Told by the Records We Have Loved and Lost.’ His football records for Victory veered from cool tunes by players (a West African/Caribbean highlife-mambo thing by former Marseille player Marius Tresor), to utterly bizarre spoken-word match analysis (being a Brit, Roger was especially attached to a souvenir album recounting how England won their only World Cup, in 1966). The collection was all over the map and awesome; and I thought would make a great base for an old-skool DJ master mix on the theme of soccer.

So I contacted DJ Monk-One, a colleague and monster record collector in his own right (he’s featured in the new photo-tome, Dust and Grooves). Monk runs the excellent rare grooves label NYC Trust, and who as a producer has created a few fantastic thematic mega-mixes, most recently for the writer Dave Tompkins’ book How to Wreck a Nice Beach: The Vocoder From World War II to Hip-Hop. Monk instantly took to the idea of using Roger’s collection as a jump-off, and began finding more sonic ephemera —famous announcer calls of huge World Cup matches, Liverpool fans singing ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ after the Hillsborough tragedy of 1989, a couple of Jamaica dubs on the theme of football, the Alan Partridge comedy skits that contributed to the mix’s title — and layering those into a beautiful narrative collage that speaks to the majesty of the football experience in song. As the soccer nerd in the process, I pushed him this way and that; but the mix, its humor and funk…that was all him, and, I think it's incredible!

“So, I hope everybody enjoys ‘Boof, Eat My Goal! The Liquid Futebol Master Mix, vol. 7’ and I hope more people make ‘em. The possibilities are endless.


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