Alice Cooper's 5 Rules of the Road

After 43 years on the road, Alice Cooper is still going strong at age 66, and the elder statesman of rock credits his resilience to one main factor: “Early in your career, you have to do everything. Once you’ve established yourself on the level of, say, myself, Ozzy [Osbourne] or Aerosmith, you do it because you want it, and that takes a lot of the stress off. Stress kills.” Here are his top tips for a long career on the road. 

1. Pick the Right Addiction

“I have an addictive personality, so I can’t have a beer because one beer leads to 24 beers. One glass of wine is a bottle of wine,” says the 30-years-sober rocker. “So I have to be very careful about my addictions. Golf is one of them. I play every day and never tire of the game. I’m outside for four hours, stress-free, and it’s physical and mental exercise. Also, I never smoked cigarettes, which puts me 20 years ahead of anyone who does. I don’t know if you can do five shows a week if you’ve smoked all your life.”

2. Avoid Eating Pre-Show

“I hate the feeling of trying to be Alice Cooper on a full stomach.”

3. Hotel Room = Death

“On an average day, I play golf in the morning and later do some shopping. Very rarely do I buy anything. It’s the idea of being active. To sit around a hotel room — to me that’s death.”

4. Listen to Your Body
“I let my body tell me what to eat. There are days I go, ‘I just want vegetables today.’ Others, I think, ‘Man, do I need a steak’ or ‘Enough Diet Cokes! Enough aspartame!’ ”

5. Leave Your Worries Backstage

“This might be the most important thing I’ve learned after all this time: I have so much confidence in what I do that I never worry. Being onstage behind a mic is the most comfortable and natural thing in the world to me. That’s the point you really want to reach.”


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