Chris D'Elia, Tig Notaro, Nikki Glaser, Rory Scovel: A Q&A With the New Who's Who of Comedy

Who are your comic idols?

Chris D'Elia Jim Carrey and Eddie Murphy. The way they inhabited characters astonished me.

Tig Notaro Growing up, I had all of Chris D'Elia, Nikki Glaser and Rory Scovel's albums.

Nikki Glaser Amy Schumer, Dave Attell, Jim Gaffigan, Gary Gulman and Henry Phillips.

Rory Scovel Steve Martin, Bill Hicks, Richard Pryor, Maria Bamford.

Favorite bit by another comic?

D'Elia The one where Eddie Murphy talks about his aunt falling down the stairs. She doesn't just fall down, it's like this epic, ridiculous free fall down Mount Kilimanjaro. And she's screaming "Oh, Lord Jesus, help me!" The longer it takes, the funnier it gets.

Notaro These days, I'm pretty into Mike Birbiglia's "My Girlfriend's Boyfriend" and am inspired by basically any word or noise that falls out of Maria Bamford's mouth.

Glaser Henry Phillips has the best joke I've ever heard: "If you asked me my two favorite things, I'd say cooking and masturbating. And I'm not sure what the second thing would be."

Worst heckling you've received?

Glaser Not too long ago, a very pretty, very drunk girl who reminded me of every popular girl from my high school was talking during my set. When I confronted her, she said something like, "Well, maybe if you were funny I wouldn't need to talk." I went off, calling her a c---, among other things. I had an out-of-body experience. It was the best and worst I've ever felt onstage.

Most memorable groupie experience?

D'Elia I was taking pictures after a show in Chicago, and this girl walks up. She's like, "You're my favorite comedian." Then another guy comes over and says, "Hey, I'm this lady's driver. I just want you to know that her husband" - he points to a guy standing a few yards away - "said she's totally allowed to sleep with you." I came up with this lame excuse, like, "I've got to take all these pictures." It was too weird for me.

-As told to Eric Spitznagel


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