Weird Merch: Sun Ra 'Aphrodisiac' Perfume

Anyone who has ever been to a hot, crowded, pungent venue for a show will tell you that music is often a multi-sensory experience. More than a few artists have capitalized on this phenomenon by releasing smells of their own: a few noteworthy examples include Justin Bieber ("Girlfriend"), Nicki Minaj ("Pink Friday"), Britney Spears (a song called "Perfume" AND a fragrance line), Christina Aguilera . . . the list goes on. At this point it seems like musicians are at a disadvantage if they don't brand themselves as an olfactory expert.

Now, FACT reports that spaced-out jazz legend Sun Ra has joined the ranks with not one, but two scents: Saturnia, which "transport[s] you out of the doom and into orbit as you ponder THIS PLANET IS DOOMED" with the "aphrodisiac" smell of "Neroil distillate of bitter orange blossoms," and the more demure Prophetika, which "invokes a mirage of memories and mysteries and incites a call to action." The latter is also the name of Norton Records imprint Book Arm's impending three-volume release of Sun Ra's poetry and prose.

At $13-$15 per 0.5 ounces, the perfumes are reasonably priced compared to Bonnie "Prince" Billy's whopping $220 for 5 ml (0.16 oz) of his own "Bonnie Billy." Collect 'em all!